Multi Strand Spine Bookmarks

Hi there! It’s Tifany here from Ink Blots by TRD and if you’ve been around my blog lately, you know that one of my favorite “crafts” is Bible art/journaling. It seems like at any given time there are a couple of particular passages that are in the queue for future pages to be done, and this is a pretty way to mark those places.  These bookmarks are particularly useful for a large book like the Bible, but they can work for any book.  And even better…they aren’t just regular bookmarks – they can tuck right […]

Getting Organized!

It’s Tobi here and ok… So this year I’ve tried to get more organized because if it’s not school-related (like bills, or DT deadlines) I tend to forget it exists. So like so many people, I got a pretty new planner and have tried to be good about using it, and referring to it.  The reason I’m sharing today is not because I have any mind-blowing tip for ya’ll, but one thing I wanted to add to my planner was kind of bookmark that would stick out of the pages so I could easily flip to […]

Earth Week/Upcycled Notebooks

Hello! It’s Tifany here from Ink Blots by TRD. For Earth Week (and in the spirit of reducing, reusing, and recycling) I’ve got some quick & easy upcycled notebooks to share with you today.    I started by taking some empty boxes with fun, colorful designs and I cut them to a variety of sizes (making sure to have both a front and back of the same size for each notebook). Cereal boxes and snack boxes are a great to way get chipboard for a variety of crafting projects. I put lined notebook paper inside, but this is also […]

Quick & Easy Garden Markers

Hello!  It’s Tifany here from Ink Blots by TRD and today I wanted to share these quick & easy (& cute!) garden markers with you.  I started by taking some craft sticks and snipping one end to a point with some heavy duty scissors. (Please don’t try this with your standard pair – it will surely throw them out of whack.) Once I had the points completed,  I got out my stamps and ink. I stamped each stick with a single large letter (for example: ‘r’ for rosemary), but you could easily stamp a whole […]

STASH your STASH :: Twine Storage Ideas

Hello and welcome to the Stash Your Stash blog hop here at The Twinery! Most of the time here on the blog we share projects created using our twine, but today is a bit different. With the almost 50 twine styles we offer in our shop, it can be difficult just deciding where to put all those bundles and spools. So today our designers are joining up to share how they store and/or display their twine stashes.  But that’s not all! We don’t want to just show you our twine stashes…we want to give you some ways to get some […]