Memorial Day Card


We are heading into Memorial Day weekend and although it marks the beginning of summer I always try to take some time to remember the soldiers who have been lost in the pursuit of our continued freedom.  We also should honor the soldiers who fight on our behalf every day.  I made this sweet card for a soldier that is coming home on leave soon.  I used some yummy solid twine and some variegated to give my card that extra special touch.



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Of Thee I Sing

Of-Thee-I-SIng-FiveHi!  Jeanne here today!!  Memorial Day is creeping up fast and we’re feeling patriotic at The Twinery this week!  Memorial Day always means the start of summer here!  The kids are getting out of school and the home town festivals and carnivals are already beginning.   Don’t forget to honor those who serve and remember those who have done their service for this country of ours.
This card is fresh and fun and really easy to make.  I started with a white card base and then cut a navy panel slighty smaller.   Next I cut an even smaller panel of white card stock.  I stamped it with a sentiment and lines of music in light blue and pink.  Then I added some splashes of watered down dye ink and smooshed the corners of the paper with the ink that was left.  When it was dry I added some die cut stars.Of-Thee-I-SingThen I flipped the panel over and put some double sided tape around one of the die cut star openings.   I cut lengths of Twinery Firecracker Twine and filled the opening.
Of-Thee-I-Sing-OneNext I added some adhesive foam tape in all the solid spaces of the card so that when I attach it to the card base this panel will be raised – you can’t feel or see where the twine is under the panel.
Of-Thee-I-Sing-FourThe die cut openings allow the dark navy panel and Twinery Twine to peek through.    This adds texture and interest to the card and was easy right?  The finishing touch  is a sprinkle of bitty gold stars!
Of-Thee-I-Sing-TwoHave a great day!!

Finished Size 4.25 x 5.5″
Twinery Firecracker Twine
Stamps:  Taylored Expressions
Die:  Poppystamps

Multi Strand Spine Bookmarks

Hi there!

It’s Tifany here from Ink Blots by TRD and if you’ve been around my blog lately, you know that one of my favorite “crafts” is Bible art/journaling. It seems like at any given time there are a couple of particular passages that are in the queue for future pages to be done, and this is a pretty way to mark those places. 

These bookmarks are particularly useful for a large book like the Bible, but they can work for any book. 
And even better…they aren’t just regular bookmarks – they can tuck right into the spine of any hardcover or case bound book. 
They were simple to make, too:
1. To start, I cut a strip of paper just a bit more narrow than my Bible’s spine. (I used patterned paper for mine so that they will look good as regular bookmarks, too.)
2. I wanted to add a little sturdiness to these, so I did my very sophisticated laminating technique (aka – adhere clear packing tape to both sides and trim). This will not only help protect the paper piece, but will act as reinforcement for the punched holes.
3. Next, I punched a few holes near the top of the bookmark to give me a place to thread my twine.
4. Then, I threaded the holes with twine and and finished them off by a combination of braiding and/or knotting. You can choose any method for this that strikes your fancy. You can even add beads and/or buttons to the ends to give them some weight. 
(Photography fail – I meant to show the steps in order for making a bookmark, but you’ll just have to tell your eyes to go right to left.)

I used a variety of The Twinery’s solid twines for the place holders on these bookmarks: Stone, Caribbean, Pink Sorbet, Mandarin, and Honeydew.

If you want to tuck these into the spine of your book, it is probably easiest if you lay your book out open and flat and slide the paper portion into the spine. You can even insert two (or more) to get more place holders.

Once the bookmarks are inserted into the spine, just use the twine place holders as you would a ribbon bookmark that comes adhered to your Bible or hard cover book.
 Happy reading!
(Oh, and if you haven’t checked out Tobi’s recent tip for using twine to help with her planner organization, be sure to check it out!)

Twine: The Twinery (Solid Stone, Solid Caribbean, Solid Pink Sorbet, Solid Mandarin, Solid Honeydew);

Getting Organized!

It’s Tobi here and ok… So this year I’ve tried to get more organized because if it’s not school-related (like bills, or DT deadlines) I tend to forget it exists. So like so many people, I got a pretty new planner and have tried to be good about using it, and referring to it. 

The reason I’m sharing today is not because I have any mind-blowing tip for ya’ll, but one thing I wanted to add to my planner was kind of bookmark that would stick out of the pages so I could easily flip to the current week…

I looped a couple yards of Carribbean Twine around my hand and threaded it through the charm that came with the planner. Each new week I just open the coils and move my bookmark to the new week. 

And it’s long enough so it sticks out of the top of the planner…

Thanks for stopping by!! 

Grad Money Holder and Envelope


Graduation season is upon us.  We have three graduations of direct family members as well as the children of some good friends.  My daughter is graduating from college with a degree in Biology and starting working as an EMT to get clinical patient care hours a few days after she graduates.

With all of these graduations this is a really easy card to make and you can fit a gift card, money or a check in the holder.  The cut file from Lori Whitlock comes with the envelope as well.  I used some yummy Marigold twine to decorate my envelope and make a fun tassel.  I wrapped the tassel around my fingers about four times and then tied off the top and trimmed the bottom.  I used a brad to secure it to the grad cap which was cut with a hole in the middle of it.  Be sure to check out The Twinery for all of your graduation and spring celebration decoration needs.