Getting Organized!

It’s Tobi here and ok… So this year I’ve tried to get more organized because if it’s not school-related (like bills, or DT deadlines) I tend to forget it exists. So like so many people, I got a pretty new planner and have tried to be good about using it, and referring to it. 

The reason I’m sharing today is not because I have any mind-blowing tip for ya’ll, but one thing I wanted to add to my planner was kind of bookmark that would stick out of the pages so I could easily flip to the current week…

I looped a couple yards of Carribbean Twine around my hand and threaded it through the charm that came with the planner. Each new week I just open the coils and move my bookmark to the new week. 

And it’s long enough so it sticks out of the top of the planner…

Thanks for stopping by!! 


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