Quick & Easy Garden Markers

It’s Tifany here from Ink Blots by TRD and today I wanted to share these quick & easy (& cute!) garden markers with you. 

I started by taking some craft sticks and snipping one end to a point with some heavy duty scissors. (Please don’t try this with your standard pair – it will surely throw them out of whack.)

Once I had the points completed,  I got out my stamps and ink. I stamped each stick with a single large letter (for example: ‘r’ for rosemary), but you could easily stamp a whole word or just write it on with a marker. One thing you will want to keep in mind is to use a waterproof ink or marker, otherwise an “April shower” could make your label vanish.
After I had my markers marked, I took a little bit of solid twine (I used Caribbean, Strawberry, Marigold, Peapod, and Lilac) and wrapped it around the top of the garden markers to add a fun pop of color.
Quick & easy, and ready to stick in the dirt. 
Have a great day!

For a full list of supplies, see the post on my blog here.


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