Party Banner: Therm-o-Web DecoFoil Week!


This week we have something fun up our sleeves! 

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Therm-O-Web was so generous and sent our design team some pretty amazing (and fabulously shiny) foils from their iCraft DecoFoils line…and we could not wait to play with them! So we’re naming this week on the blog: Therm-O-Web DecoFoil Week!

If you haven’t caught onto the FOIL rage…we promise to have you hooked by the end of this week! Just take a peek at the gorgeous line of shiny foils that Therm-O-Web offers…

Thermoweb DecoFoil…and they’re always adding more!

We knew as soon as we saw the pretty colors, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use the foils along with our broad range of baker’s twine for some serious color loving fun!

We’re going to share several techniques on how to use the foils this week…and we’ll have lots of creative ideas for you to glean from! We hope you enjoy it just as much as we do!

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Today, we’re sharing how we used a laser printer, laminator and colorful DecoFoils (and some baker’s twine, of course) to create a fun banner to use at any party (and there’s even a free printable)! 

DecoFoil Banner 1 - The Twinery

DecoFoil Banner 2 - The TwineryDecoFoils used (left to right): Pink Melon, Pumpkin, Gold, Spring Green, Teal & Lilac

The first thing we did was create a “PARTY” banner and print it out using a laser printer on white card stock.

DecoFoils Banner 3 - The Twinery

DOWNLOAD: You can download the banner for free HERE.

It is imperative that you use a laser printer when printing out the banner, as you need toner ink in order for the foils to adhere to the paper. Inkjet printers will not work. If you do not have a laser printer, you can have the banner printed with a laser printer on to card stock at your local office supply store very inexpensively.

Once you’ve printed the banner, use the guide lines on the download to cut out the banner pennants. Now you’re ready for your laminator to make the magic happen!

We used a Minc machine, but any laminator will do! Once you have the banner pieces cut out, cut foil pieces to cover the letters and stars on the bannerDecoFoils 4 - The TwineryThen you’ll use the laminator’s transfer folder to run your pieces through the laminator. If you do not have a transfer folder for your laminator, you can create a make-shift folder using parchment paper. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but our transfer folder is clear.

The transfer folder will help to keep your pieces in place inside the laminator itself, and is needed so you do not ruin your laminator.DecoFoils Banner 5 - The Twinery

Once everything has run through the laminator, just peel off the foil pieces and voila! It’s magic!!!DecoFoils Banner 6 - The TwineryThe foil should stick to your laser toner ink to reveal shiny letters on the banner pieces!

If for some reason the foil did not adhere to your letters…troubleshoot…it’s one of two issues: Did you use a laser printer? Was the heat setting on your laminator high enough?

The last thing to do is to string your banner together with some very fancy (wink, wink) baker’s twine and…

You should be left with a pretty foil banner in the end and it takes only minutes!DecoFoils Banner 7 - The Twinery

DecoFoils Banner 8 - The Twinery

Take a peek at how it shimmers and shines!

If you have a laser printer and a laminator…grab some of Therm-O-Web’s DecoFoil because the FOIL POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!!!!

Come visit us tomorrow for some more shiny foil goodness!




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