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We hope you’re enjoying our DecoFoil projects this week! It’s been so much fun playing with all of the shiny foil to make our creations POP!

If you’ve missed the last few DecoFoil projects, be sure to go back and scroll through the past few days here on the blog. We think you’ll be amazed at how simple and awesome it is to use foils to make your projects shimmer and shine!

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Today, we have another fun idea using the DecoFoils & our baker’s twine to create gift tags for the perfect gift to give a friend! We’ve mixed up a relaxing Lime + Mint Salt Foot Soak and created perfectly matching foil gift tags that you’ll be able to download below & create them for yourself!Lime Mint Foot Soak 1 - The Twinery

To make the Lime + Mint Salt Foot Soak, you’ll need: Epsom Salt, Baking Soda, Fresh Lime Zest, Lime Essential Oil & Peppermint Essential Oil. You can save or print the recipe card below. 

Lime & Mint Salt Foot Soak
a fresh and invigorating soak for tired feet
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  1. 2 cups Epsom salt
  2. 1/2 cup baking soda
  3. 5 drops lime essential oil
  4. 5 drops peppermint essential oil
  5. zest of 2 limes (optional)
  1. Mix all ingredients together in a glass bowl. Store in a glass mason jar or container.
  1. Note: If using fresh lime zest, use soak mix within 2-3 days or store in the refrigerator for freshness.
The Twinery

This combination is invigorating! We thought it was the perfect “Spring is almost here” blend. Great to beat these February winter blues!

The Epsom salt helps to soothe achy feet and smooth rough skin. The baking soda is great for exfoliation! Lime essential oil is uplifting & fresh. Peppermint essential oil is invigorating and provides a cooling sensation to those tired and achy muscles. It’s also great for soothing a headache…so bonus! The lime zest, while not needed, provides a fresh and pretty aesthetic. This is the best foot soak…you’ll find yourself gifting (and using) this over and over again!

Mix up the salt soak & put it into pretty glass mason jars. We wrapped the mason jar lids with our Honeydew Baker’s Twine to pretty it up even more! 

Lime Mint Foot Soak 2 - The Twinery

To create the foil gift tags, we’re using the same technique that we used on Monday’s post: using a laser printer and a laminator to create the perfect shiny foil tags!

Lime Mint Foot Soak 4 - The Twinery.jpg


You’ll need to download the tags (click the link above) and be sure to print them using a laser printer (you only need black toner). Inkjet printers will not work to use along with the foils & laminator. If you do not have a laser printer, you can have your local office supply store print the tags on white cardstock using a laser printer…it’s pretty inexpensive!

Because, it never fails…we always get questions about our fonts, we’ve decided to start sharing and linking to the fonts we use in our downloads when we can! The font used to create the Lime + Mint Salt Soak tags is the Signature Script & Sans font*. You can purchase it HERE! We fell in love with the pretty script and sans serif combination and we thought you’d love it, too!Signature Script and Sans Photo

After printing the tags, cut them using the guide lines given on the download then heat up your laminator! Next, cut pieces of foil to go over the areas on the tags that you want to shine. Get creative! The foil will adhere wherever there is toner (from the laser printer), so you can definitely mix things up! Here are a few varieties we created…Lime Mint Foot Soak 5 - The Twinery

We used the Spring Green & Pewter DecoFoil Colors along with our Solid Honeydew and Striped Honeydew twine.

You’ll just need to run the tags & foil through your laminator to adhere the foil…and voila!Lime Mint Foot Soak 6 - The Twinery

 Just punch a hole in the tags if you want to tie them around the mason jars…then tie them on with baker’s twine and there you have a homemade gift to give to anyone you love (and believe me…they will love you back after this gift)!! Lime Mint Foot Soak 7 - The Twinery.jpg

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Continue to join us throughout the weekend and into next week for some more foilicious goodness!


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