Twinery Gift Ornaments

twine handmade ornament christmas

If there is one gift I love to give for the holiday, its a handmade ornament. Well, not exactly handmade, but upscaled! I find starting with a tradition ornament base, really helps the process. For this technique I purchased a plastic globe ornament and then ran my Twinery Maraschino Twine through a little pool of white Elmers glue. Then comes the tricky part, gently wrapping the twine around your ornament. This takes some practice! Once you lay the twine on the ornament, if it moves its smudges the glue, so practice first. It’s easy to wash the glue off, and start over if you have to. Once you get the hang of it though, its super easy. Hang your ornament to dry and if there are any extra glue smudges they come off super easy using a toothpick or your thumbnail.

All you need is plastic ornament from the craft store, some elders white glue and your Twinery Twine

All you need is plastic ornament from the craft store, some Elmers white glue and your Twinery Twine

On the inside I added some of these little Santa Guatemalan Worry Dolls I found at a flea market, but you can also put glitter, or colorful beads inside

twine handmade ornament christmas3

twine handmade ornament christmas4I love to add in a little Twine tassel. 

twine handmade ornament christmas5

twine handmade ornament christmas2


You can get the full spool of Maraschino HERE, or you can get one of these awesome Holly Jolly Spool sets, these are great for all of your holiday wrapping and crafts- Denise


merry and bright twine spool set - 400px




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