Thankful Jar and Pens

Hello, DoBea here once again. Today I have a project that I can’t wait to share with you. I made a Thankful jar and pen set that I though would be great for the whole month of November rather than just at Thanksgiving.

It’s something that the whole family can participate in. Each day, each member of your family will write down something that they are thankful for and then on Thanksgiving you can read them all out loud.


The most time consuming part of this project was wrapping the pens with twine. And by time consuming, I mean like 7 minutes per pen, but super easy! 

I started out by first covering the length of the pen barrel in double sided adhesive.


Before I started the wrapping, I placed about a half inch of the twine up the barrel so that the twine would hold itself down.


Next, I continued to wrap until I had about an inch of the barrel showing yet.


I then applied hot glue to the end of the pen and attached the acorn. While the glue was still malleable (be careful, it’s still hot!) I flattened it down onto the barrel as much as possible.


Next, I wrapped some double sided adhesive around where the hot glue had hardened, to be able to continue the wrapping of the twine.


Once I only had about two more times to wrap, I used some glossy accents to hold the twine extra well.


For an extra little touch I used some coordinating twine to wrap the neck of the mason jar where you add the slips of paper.


Here are the finished pens:


Thanks so much for stopping by!

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