An Evening to Yourself

Hello friends, Jennifer here today sharing a little set I made for a “girl’s night out” (GNO) or “mom’s night out” (MNO) as they’re known in my circles these days…  🙂  

My daughter just turned 2 and my husband and I are pretty much it in terms of her care (aside from daycare as we both have full time careers outside of the home.)  We live a long drive or a plane ride away from both sets of parents, siblings, and other relatives and sometimes it is tough to get that “me time” we both need.  Me time for one means full time for the other and we’re pretty tired at the end of a work week.  So, that’s a really long way of saying I’d LOVE an evening to myself, babysitting provided, and with a  glass of wine… I started there with these projects.

I started off with an adorable gift card and tiny envelope die and stamped the sentiments onto a card I cut out. local pages  I cut the envelope from a fun piece of patterned paper.

Next I used a pillow box die to cut out a pillow box from another piece of cream card stock, stamped a sentiment on the outside, and finished with some gold shimmer twine and a pretty, resin bird.  I tucked the tiny envelope inside of the pillow box with some tissue.


I decided the ensemble needed a card to go with it all – occasion neutral – so this little gift package is ready to go for someone like me who just needs a GNO or a MNO or a room with a locking door for a few minutes of peace and quiet.

Have a great day and thanks so much for visiting!


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