All That Glitters….is Gold!


As we continue on with our Shimmer Twine projects, 
we thought that it would be fun to share festive 
and shimmery way to wrap a little gift in GOLD!

Gold is back…it’s hot and trendy and fabulous! 

We are absolutely head-over-heals in love with our Gold Shimmer Twine and it’s perfectly glittery – so what better way to use it than to wrap up a gift in pure gold!

To create the pillow box, we used gold mirror card stock and THIS fabulous DIY Pillowbox tutorial by Lines Across.

Then, we created fabulous shimmery gold twine tassels…

Twine tassels are incredibly easy to make…and once you start making them, you’ll be hooked! It’s so addicting! 

With just a few easy steps…you’ll have twine tassels galore!

First you will need a ‘base’ to start wrapping the twine around. For our base, we just used an 3×5″ index card (wrap twine around the 3 inch side).

Wrap the twine around the card as many times as you would like…the more ‘wraps’ you do, the chubbier the tassel will be in the end. We wanted more slender tassels, so we wrapped the gold shimmer twine around the card 25 times.

Once you have wrapped the twine around the card as many times as you would like, the next step is to take a 6″ length of twine to cinch and tie around the top of the wrapped bundle. Create a knot.

This will hold the twine neatly in place before you start cutting.

The knot will be the top of your tassel.

Now you’re ready to start cutting!

Take scissors and cut the twine at the bottom of the twine bundle…

Next, you’ll need one more piece of twine, about 6″ in length, to tie off “the poof” (technical and fancy lingo, huh?) of the tassel.

And finally, you’ll just need to trim up the twine ends to make the tassel perfectly pretty…

…and you’re done! 

Isn’t it pretty?!

And just remember: the sharper the scissors…the more neat your tassel ends will be! 

Tip: we keep a pair scissors marked “Twine Scissors” – they are ONLY used for cutting twine…they create extremely crisp edges and help to reduce fraying.

For the final touches on our gold gift wrapping…we wrapped Gold Shimmer Twine around the gold pillow box and attached the gold tassels with a little gift tag…and we also used a gold marker on the tag as well!

It’s a gift that is literally wrapped in gold!

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